Jaluk is a home décor experience with a technology soul. Powered by a transformative business model, innovative technology, a unique reverse-designer first-logic based operation and some of the smartest people on earth, we’re in a position to challenge old systems and rewrite new rules. By giving people access to the designer’s story behind home décor products, we’re changing the meaning of ownership — and revolutionizing home decor in the process.


While home decor necessities have evolved into the 21st century (buying furniture online, modular furniture, do it yourself stuff), the designer has been left behind. By rethinking it, we’re championing a new model where we enhance the value of home décor products by bringing forth the designer’s story behind each product. We are reinventing home decor to be smarter and more in line with how we actually live our lives. We exist because we believe a beautiful product can be truly experienced by understanding the inspiration behind it.



PARTNERING: We’re constantly signing new designers to expand our ever-growing roster. To give access to remarkable home décor products, our team builds exclusive relationships with premier as well as unheard of designers, always ensuring we have the most beautiful, in-demand items for every season.

LEARNING: With every click, delivery, return and step along the way, we gather an insane amount of data, informing every decision our company makes. Through the power of analytics, we’re perpetually tweaking our model to make everything we do faster, smarter, easier and nimbler. We are constantly evolving.


We’re a growing team of passionate, dedicated individuals who love to create exceptional collaboration opportunities and platforms. The team is led by Sibani Chakravarty Sarma and Parthajeet Sarma.

Sibani Chakravarty Sarma (B.Arch., MBA): Co-Founder & products specialist

SS-RoundOn a long and lonesome highway, east of Mumbai, somewhere between the introduction of the floppy disk and Operation Desert Storm, Sibani realized she had a passion for all things creative. A graduate of Sir JJ College of Architecture, armed with a rare MBA, Sibani worked with Knight Frank, Standard Chartered Bank and Projectwell before finding a warm corner at her own workplace to jumpstart Jaluk. Nearly 2 decades of construction and building industry experience across design as well as general management, enables Sibani to hone skills, drink coffee and plot the benevolence of the industry with her fellow believers.

When not in a team meeting, Sibani enjoys beautifying her house, dreaming she can drive a car, reading, and spending time with her family and her imaginary cat.

Parthajeet Sarma (B.Arch., MBA): Co-Founder & Strategist

PS-RoundEntrepreneur, Innovator, Author: we were able to summarize Parthajeet into three short incomplete words….incomplete because he says he is not done yet. He firmly believes he would be the key to mankind’s survival in the zombie apocalypse. A graduate of Sir J J College of Architecture, Mumbai, armed with an MBA, Parthajeet spent a few years working at large corporations, before starting a Pre-Design consultancy in iDream, followed by development management consultancy Projectwell. Innovative work in off-site manufacturing in housing has won Parthajeet awards like the ET Power of Ideas, Sankalp Awards and others. He is also a Chevening scholar from Oxford University, UK. Two decades of wide ranging experience across innovation and senior management helped Parthajeet plant his roots here, within the flock and help with strategy. He much believes in the spirit of entrepreneurship amongst the youth and often tours educational institutions to talk about his published book “Smart Phones Dumb People”. He is a speaker at industry forums and has been featured across various forms of media, including programs like CNC TV-18’s “Young Turks”.

When away from the Jaluk’s nest, Parthajeet enjoys adventures of any kind, tacos, experimenting with e-commerce, and stalking his neighbour’s pug. He enjoys blurring the lines between design, humans and revenue streams.