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White 1

White is the new black

A black dress in a party is said to cover all manners of sins. Today in interior design, white enjoys a similar stature. White is the new black; it makes spaces appear larger and brighter. So says my clients. Moreover it represents simplicity and renewal.
White 3Adding white is not such a difficult task as it seems. One can try these two simple methods to bring in the crisp look to an existing room:
Accessorize with new curtains: Replace your dark curtains with white, airy ones that instantly open up the space and make the space look larger. Similarly, if it is a workplace, install white blinds and see the how the space looks bigger and brighter.White 2
White walls: Make your walls white, and see how big the space looks. You can even intersperse white with mirrors to make the space bigger if it is narrow. Do not think in paint alone as there are wallpapers to consider also.

Mirror 1

5 ways of using mirrors to make a room look larger

Using a full length mirror on a wall
Using a full length mirror on a wall
A fake window using mirror
A fake window using mirror

With so many people living in apartments nowadays, I am often faced with the challenge of making smaller spaces look bigger. Similarly, with real estate prices zooming northwards, even workplaces have become more compact, posing the same challenge. Amongst other things that I try, I never tire of the use of mirrors to make spaces bigger. Here are my 5 favourite ways of using mirrors to make a room look larger.
Cabinet fronts: I prefer to line up dead walls with storage cabinets. Putting mirror fronts to them is a very effective way of not only hiding the cabinets (if you want to) but also making the room feel larger.
Next to dining table: The area around the dining table usually feels crowded. A mirror allows soft lighting to be used and magically make the space feel less crowded.
Full length on a wall: A floor to ceiling mirror is the evergreen trick to make a room feel larger. So use some stickers or designer film on the mirror to stop people from banging into the wall.
Fake window: A fake window using mirrors for the glass is a great way to make a room with lesser windows open up.
Group frame them: Grouping mirror frames not only add space, but creates art work on the walls, livening up the space.