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Five Top tips for ensuring your guest’s comfort

When you have someone coming to stay with you, it can often be a rush to put together somewhere for them to live and sleep during their visit. By having the perfect guest room already set up, you won’t have to worry! Read on to discover five top tips for ensuring your guest’s comfort. Choose your color palette wisely. While you may love neon prints and crazy colors, it may give your guest a headache. You may not be familiar with their tastes so use…

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Charming DIY using old cutlery

Cutlery is part and parcel of our daily lives and used in preparing, serving and eating food. The most commonly used items are the knife, fork and spoon.
Let us look at some Do It Yourself (“DIY”) utility out of these regular items. Say old forks and spoons; which can be bent and reshaped to be reused as a total new product.

Here are three different ideas :
1.Hang on Hook: Get your stainless steel spoons and fork. Flatten one side of1430426716-spoon-hanging-planters-de
the spoon and clamp the other side to a rolling pin. Slowly keep turning the spoon around this until you get a required curve. This could be screwed to a pallet board or even nailed to the back wall near you garden or balcony to hang planters.

2.Key chain : Saw off the head of a spoon or a fork. Now bend the sawed end halfway inwards making it a circle. Slide a key ring in this half circle. Now close this circle into a loop. Slide in your keys into the rings.

gallery-1430426175-vintage-fork-placecard-holder3.Name holders: Bend the forks below the head using pliers. The base of this fork should be flattened to stand on its own. Now pull the two centre of the tongs a little behind to stick the name tags with its support.