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Bedroom Décor for the Winters

Winter is approaching for many of us and it’s time to bring out those sweaters and jackets. Our homes also need a change of wear for the season. Here are five few quick tips to prepare your bedroom for the coming cold months: 1. Layer your bed with cushions and blankets. This is a simple and

Blankets and pillows bring in warmth
Blankets and pillows bring in warmth

practical way to add warmth. Dark colours work well with a neutral background. 2. You can keep a think rug and slippers near your bed. Save your feet from biting cold as you get up in the mornings.

Rug and slippers
Rug and slippers

3. You can think of adding a lamp near your bed. The warm glow will add to the ‘warmth’ on a grey day. 4. If you have any metallic furniture or fixtures, you can cover it with blankets…and protect yourself from the cold of furniture. 5. Keep a hot water bottle handy; you can even have a cover for it knitted.

uncluttered house

Are you a clutter collector?

I run out of space to keep things, oh-so-often, at home. I see this with others also. Yet our family size is only 4. Why does this happen? Because somehow, we human beings, seem to have developed this amazing capacity to become clutter collectors. Why is it so difficult to get rid of clutter? How do we do it?
I like to get rid of things:
1. That don’t work
2. That annoy me
3. That I am keeping only because someone gave it
4. That make me feel good because I took a stupid decision of getting it by paying tons of money in the first place!
5. Like freebies.

A cluttered room
A cluttered room

So I like to ask myself these questions:
1. Do I really love this?
2. How does this item make my life better or easier?
3. Have I used it in the past year?
4. Will I really ever use this again?

If you get severe separation pangs, do a test. Put the things in a box and wait for a year. If you haven’t used them in a year, you don’t need it!

I hope you find these tips helpful.


Storage Ideas in Kids Room

A Kids’ room today is synonymous with endless stuff, starting from crayons, toys, school items, hobby items, return gifts, birthday gifts, the list is endless. Those living in shrunken urban spaces will realise the enormity that the storage of all such stuff poses. it is important to provide individual spaces for all such stuff in order to avoid the distress of hunting for things when required. While cleaning up my own house over the weekend for Diwali, I did a few quick things:

1. Provide soft boards for display. For those with kids who love making craft and are creative, soft boards can be used as display space. The advantage of this is it can be easily changed and reorganised according to the craft that needs to be displayed. Just ensure that it is within easy reach of the child. The image on top shows a filled up soft board.

Use organisers
Use organisers

2. Use organisers. A typical shoe organiser can be used to organise crayons and all other art material. This is also helpful for the child to find the materials required easily.

3. Use boxes, bins and baskets. Bins and baskets can be used extensively to store toys and sports material. It can further be segregated with the size of the toys and sports materials. One should try and

Use boxes, bins and baskets
Use boxes, bins and baskets

select stackable boxes to store stuff and ensure they are labeled to make it easier for the child or nanny or any other caregiver to reorganise things after using them.

4. Separate book shelves. It is especially important for school going kids to have separate book shelves for school books and story and other non study books. This makes the task of the kids in remaining focused during study time and activity / reading time and helps avoid distractions.