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A wooden dining table

Image courtesy of  arztsamui at Recent times have seen the proliferation of dining tables made of glass. On teh other hand, wooden ones have been there for centuries. So while buying a dining table, should you take a wooden one or one made of glass?

Wooden tables are strong, bold and long lasting. Wooden tables may be expensive with good quality wood but they are worth as your investment is for a long period. Dining tables are not something that we purchase or replace frequently. Glass dining tables are sophisticated and delicate; you need to handle them with care to avoid breakage, cracks, scratches and chipping of the glass.

Teak, cherry, chestnut, butternut and many more are the types of wood are used to make tables. Every wood has its unique natural color that can be retained to get a classic and more natural look. A wooden table can be constructed in different shapes and sizes, adjusting it to the dining hall. The classic shape of the wooden dining table is round or rectangular, which allows easy flow of conversation and it can accommodate more people if required. Image courtesy of criminalatt at

Glass tables can be dangerous if you have children at home, and for heavy use. Glass needs to be tempered so that if it breaks it does not cause major injuries. It is also difficult to maintain a clean table-top as glass attracts more dust and dirt.

Unlike glass tables, wooden dining tables can be made with a drop-down leaf or an extra adjustment to make them bigger whenever required which helps to save the extra space. Portability is one of the advantages of the wooden tables. They can be made according to the size of the room to prevent appearing too big and too small.

Image courtesy of  photostock1 at FreeDigitalPhotos.netWooden tables can be made giving them a modern and sophisticated look to gel with the modern world. Nowadays, they are available in different shapes, sizes, colors and even customized table-tops. They are also available in a completely synthetic look with polished color and matte finish. Wooden dining tables are made out of solid wood to give them a smooth and clean finishing and s scratch-free surface. Glass tables, on the other hand, are either dark or transparent; the variety is restricted and the designs are common.

The beauty of a wooden table is that it can be changed over time to give it a second, third or fourth life i.e., it has a modifiable look. By sanding, staining, or painting, you can transform the wooden table and give it an entirely new look.