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Storage Ideas in Kids Room

A Kids’ room today is synonymous with endless stuff, starting from crayons, toys, school items, hobby items, return gifts, birthday gifts, the list is endless. Those living in shrunken urban spaces will realise the enormity that the storage of all such stuff poses. it is important to provide individual spaces for all such stuff in order to avoid the distress of hunting for things when required. While cleaning up my own house over the weekend for Diwali, I did a few quick things:

1. Provide soft boards for display. For those with kids who love making craft and are creative, soft boards can be used as display space. The advantage of this is it can be easily changed and reorganised according to the craft that needs to be displayed. Just ensure that it is within easy reach of the child. The image on top shows a filled up soft board.

Use organisers
Use organisers

2. Use organisers. A typical shoe organiser can be used to organise crayons and all other art material. This is also helpful for the child to find the materials required easily.

3. Use boxes, bins and baskets. Bins and baskets can be used extensively to store toys and sports material. It can further be segregated with the size of the toys and sports materials. One should try and

Use boxes, bins and baskets
Use boxes, bins and baskets

select stackable boxes to store stuff and ensure they are labeled to make it easier for the child or nanny or any other caregiver to reorganise things after using them.

4. Separate book shelves. It is especially important for school going kids to have separate book shelves for school books and story and other non study books. This makes the task of the kids in remaining focused during study time and activity / reading time and helps avoid distractions.

Reading Nook 2

Converting odd corners into reading nooks

While designing spaces, sometimes we come across odd corners which are difficult to use for the usual functions. I have often made good use of such corners by converting them into reading nooks. Reading Nook 1There is nothing more relaxing than curling up in such a space on a Saturday afternoon with a book (or a kindle!).

Some clients that I have interacted with have come back saying that such spaces have encouraged children to read more. Kids also begin to understand that books have greater value in our lives than toys.

Creating such nooks is usually inexpensive. There is no expensive piece of furniture to be brought. The design of the space is usually a Reading Nook 3factor of the odd corner itself and one can pick up inexpensive, comfortable furniture.

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Does a kids room always have to be pink or blue?

Pink and Blue needn’t be the only colours for little girls’ and boys’ rooms. Historically they were not, and manufacturers did this so that parents would buy matching sets in bulk.

Image courtesy of luigi diamanti at FreeDigitalPhotos.netIf one looks further a lot of bright and pastel shades suit children’s rooms. For a girls room pastel shades do give the room a “girlie” touch. It can also be theme based, not necessarily of the pink fairytale princess but also other books or kids movies. One trending movie for girls is Frozen, where a lot of blues and whites are visible. For boys, you can select any favourite sport or cartoon character. This automatically gives a variety of options, where one can pick the colours used by a favourite sports team or the shapes and colours of all the accessories used in the game.

Other options can be worked out with the play of bright colours and shades in the form of basic shapes. For example, polka dots are an all-time favourite for children.

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Mobiles add colour

While checks and stripes can be extensively used in boys’ rooms, floral patterns are a big hit with girls’ spaces. Even a white themed room can be given colours by the use of colourful babies/kids

items like mobiles, like in the picture on the right.