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A clutter free kitchen

Image courtesy of all-free-download.comIrrespective of whether we cook a full meal or rustle up a quick breakfast, the immediate after effects usually include a cluttered kitchen. The clutter could include food pieces, vegetables or fruits, knives, cutting boards, utensils, packaging paper, spices strewn across…the list is endless. Cleaning up is not the best part during the life cycle of a meal. What can a kitchen be designed better to make the act of cleaning up easier?

Table-top throwaway box: Kitchen garbage bins are usually hidden below a platform , and not easy to reach out to while one is cooking. Consider a place near the preparation table where a throwaway box can be placed. Such a box, can be used to dump the unnecessary things as you prepare for the meal. In the end, you simply dunk the box into the garbage bin.

Cutting board: You can consider a depressing on the preparation table top, where in a cutting board can fit in neatly and not move while cutting veggies or fruits. Right next to it, you can have a cutout on the top, leading directly to the garbage bin below. As you keep on generating veggies residue, you can simply slide them over to the cutout. The cutting board can be taken out after the mean, washed and kept back in position.

Image courtesy of all-free-download.comPlates drainer: Consider putting a stainless steel shelf which acts as a drainer for you to neatly stack the plates. This shelf can be covered with a cabinet shutter so that it is in sync with the rest of the decor. Such a shelf should be positioned above the wash area, for the water to drip down. This way, plates can be put up immediately upon washing and does not need to be kept in a third place for drying.