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5 things every man should know about interior design

While most clients understand that Interior Designers design spaces, in my several years of practice, I often end up discussing a few little things with clients repeatedly. I thought of listing five common ones from a long list….these are mainly from discussions with men.

Everything does not have a utility value: Men, used to playing with their electronic toys, feel that “everything that I pay for, must have some use”. Well, that in itself is a brilliant thought; but in interior design, some things are just for show. Everything is not a toy!

Mix and match is fine: Designer Suzanne Kazler once said, “A room should feel collected… not decorated.” So combining things from different times and places is fine; like a modern transparent chair with an antique sofa. You don’t really want your personal space looking like an Ikea showroom, do you?

Authentic art is art: X-men printouts are not art! A visit to a school Artworkof art or a local gallery is often a good starting point, where good art can often be picked up at very reasonable prices. Authenticity is often seen as a sign of adulthood.

Green is more than a colour: A little bit of greenery almost always brightens up the space and breaks monotony. You don’t need to be a botanist to do this…one can rarely go wrong here. A little fig, or a bonsai or a mini bamboo can easily be found in most neighbourhoods and often easy to maintain.

Invest in your sofa: At the end of the week, the alpha male often likes a good slouch on the sofa. Invest in a good sofa and please prioritize function over form. A back-ache from a bad sofa in front of a TV can be a killer. If your sofa is comfortable, you will see people around you in a new light!

Mahala 2

Maximising retail space: Mahala flagship store

Mahala Flagship Store
R-City Mall, Mumbai

The ramp with a mirror at the end
The ramp with a mirror at the end

Retail stores attract high rentals and one ought to optimize space utilization. With some brainstorming with my designer, we came up with the idea of a “Infinity Ramp” in my store at R-City Mall. “Mahala” is an ethno-fusion fashion label and a ramp is part of the ethos of the brand. So, we came up with this simple idea of lighting up the ramp with floor lights and putting a mirror at Mahala 1the end of it. The illusion created was of a very long ramp, and it seemingly doubled the volume of the store space. The store feels much larger than it actually is.