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Multiple use of spaces

An office is set up only when a business grows beyond the capacities of a home office or a garage office. It is set up for a strategic purpose, often with money as an end goal. The importance of strategic planning and the utilitarian nature of space planning can thus not be compromised. The more we save, the more money we make; this is how most organisations would view office design and planning unless you are in a business where you need to look grand.

One clever trick is to ensure multiple uses of spaces within workplaces. Here are a few quick tips:
1. Guest offices can be used as meeting rooms when not in use.
2. A training room, which is not used regularly, can be used for town hall gatherings, with stackable, foldable, movable furniture and partitions.
3. Sales staff spends most of their time visiting clients and use their desks for less than 50% of the time. Calculate the average number of sales staff within the workplace during various times of the day. Set up work desks only for the average number.Image courtesy of vorakorn at
4. Design a part or parts of the cafeteria with a basic level of privacy, like low height partitions. Such spaces double up as cosy meeting spaces, with quick access to coffee.
5. A library can also act as a yoga/meditation room, especially during hours when the library headcount is low.