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Mirror 1

5 ways of using mirrors to make a room look larger

Using a full length mirror on a wall
Using a full length mirror on a wall
A fake window using mirror
A fake window using mirror

With so many people living in apartments nowadays, I am often faced with the challenge of making smaller spaces look bigger. Similarly, with real estate prices zooming northwards, even workplaces have become more compact, posing the same challenge. Amongst other things that I try, I never tire of the use of mirrors to make spaces bigger. Here are my 5 favourite ways of using mirrors to make a room look larger.
Cabinet fronts: I prefer to line up dead walls with storage cabinets. Putting mirror fronts to them is a very effective way of not only hiding the cabinets (if you want to) but also making the room feel larger.
Next to dining table: The area around the dining table usually feels crowded. A mirror allows soft lighting to be used and magically make the space feel less crowded.
Full length on a wall: A floor to ceiling mirror is the evergreen trick to make a room feel larger. So use some stickers or designer film on the mirror to stop people from banging into the wall.
Fake window: A fake window using mirrors for the glass is a great way to make a room with lesser windows open up.
Group frame them: Grouping mirror frames not only add space, but creates art work on the walls, livening up the space.

Vertical Garden 1

Installing a vertical garden at home or office

Vertical Garden 2In recent times, clients have been asking me about vertical gardens and the feasibility of installing one indoors. We are often seen at airports and other public areas….but can we do it inside our homes and our offices? Yes, we can. Vertical gardens have several benefits, the prime amongst them being:
• Aesthetics: They liven up the space.
• Better Acoustics: They absorb sound.
• Improved air quality: They act as an air filter and release oxygen.
• Reduced electricity costs: They work well to bring down the temperature and humidity in a room.

Putting plants into the frame
Putting plants into the frame

Installing a Vertical Garden

You can attempt a small scale vertical garden yourself, although a large one may need professional help.
You can start by getting a robust frame which you can hang onto a wall. A non corrosive material like plastic is recommended for the frame. A plastic sheet is recommended to be attached to prevent water leakage.
A layer of fabric needs to be attached next, and this is where the plants will live and grow. A material like felt, which allows good water retention, is recommended.
Now you need to set up a drip irrigation system and here you may want to consult an expert or look up Google. Simply put, you need a tune across the top of your frame, which will drip water throughout the entire structure.
Lastly you need to select the plants that you want to include in your green wall, and this boils down to your personal choice and the overall look of the room.

Video 3

The Bed is Dead!

In continuance of our post from last Monday about space saving furniture, you almost feel that the term itself is a misnomer. Video 4Space saving furniture? Watch this video; we think it is more about ‘rethinking spaces’. Spaces which are traditionally ‘meant for’ certain functions can now be optimized to serve multiple functions, just by designing the furniture smartly. You will be amazed how one can double or treble the space.

The Bed is Dead

The bed is dead indeed! You use it to sleep at night only; why not utilise that space during the day to work?