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Space Saving Furniture

There are numerous examples of space saving furniture to be found Video 2on the internet. Such furniture makes a lot of sense in cities where real estate is expensive and it is not easy to live and work in large spaces.

Often, it is seen that space saving furniture is more expensive than traditional ones. One will find reasonably priced ones too, but the difference in price is often seen to be largely a factor of ‘ease of operation’. Price is usually directly proportional to the convenience of assembling and dis-assembling such furniture. This is mainly because of the very high standards of quality and durability of the fittings used.

Space Saving Furniture by Resource Furniture

Even if such furniture is expensive, they still make a lot of sense, especially if you co-relate it with the cost per sq foot of real estate in an expensive location. Shown in this video are some very good examples.

Mahala 2

Maximising retail space: Mahala flagship store

Mahala Flagship Store
R-City Mall, Mumbai

The ramp with a mirror at the end
The ramp with a mirror at the end

Retail stores attract high rentals and one ought to optimize space utilization. With some brainstorming with my designer, we came up with the idea of a “Infinity Ramp” in my store at R-City Mall. “Mahala” is an ethno-fusion fashion label and a ramp is part of the ethos of the brand. So, we came up with this simple idea of lighting up the ramp with floor lights and putting a mirror at Mahala 1the end of it. The illusion created was of a very long ramp, and it seemingly doubled the volume of the store space. The store feels much larger than it actually is.

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at FreeDigitalPhotos

When is it a good time to hire an Interior Designer or an Architect?

Most people visit a doctor when something is wrong. There is only a small minority who gets regular check-ups done even if nothing is wrong with them. Preventive check-ups, in the bigger scheme of things, save much more time and money by ‘nipping it in the bud’. Sounds like common-sense, right?

When it comes to the selection of Architects and Interior designers, clients follow a similar approach, without knowing it. Unfortunately there is no common-sense to latch onto here.

On an average, a person who wishes to design his house or the interiors of it, usually starts looking for a designer only when the property is finalized or built. But isn’t that too late? Can designers not add much more value if hired earlier? A good designer can advise on what size of rooms to consider for their unique needs. A designer can advise a client on how much of usable space they are actually getting as developers sell on the basis of a marked up ‘saleable area’. A designer can often advise the client’s developer to build or not build certain walls or some finishes, based on the client’s interiors theme, such that effort (and money) duplication is avoided.

But often the client does not realize this, and the several benefits of hiring a designer early on. That he/she can save so much money and time by allowing a designer’s work to be dovetailed with the property finalization process. So there is a general lack of common-sense. If you are a designer, who do you blame for it? The client? Really?

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at FreeDigitalPhotosAs designers, we believe that it is their additional responsibility to educate potential clients about how they can add value to their projects, at various stages. This is also a smart marketing strategy. If a designer can let potential clients know how one can help by being hired earlier, one would have cut off several competitors who approach potential clients only at the traditional property selection stage. That’s too late.