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Let natural light inside your rooms

10 ways to make smaller spaces appear larger

The size of our living spaces often is inversely proportional to the proximity to a city centre. Those living in relatively smaller spaces often wish that the space was bigger, or at least looked and felt bigger. We have collated 10 top ideas to make such spaces feel larger.

  1. First thing you can do is to un-clutter the space. Take a logical view with this and not an emotional one; dispose things that you do not really need.

    Use mirrors to make a room appear bigger
    Use mirrors to make a room appear bigger
  2. You need not fill up every shelf with books and knick-knacks; it only makes the space appear more crowded. Leave some space for a more open and airy look.
  3. Always use light and neutral colours; the space will appear much larger and also work as good backgrounds for your furniture.
  4. Let natural light flow into your room. This not only unifies the outside with the inside, but also makes your inside feel expanded.

    Window seating
    Window seating
  5. Use curtains in the same colour as your walls, such that there is not much contrast to the space.
  6. Do not use ornate furniture or excessive detailing on your storages, windows and doors. Go for simple straight line designs.
  7. Use oversized mirrors or a set of mirrors; and instantly watch the room appear much larger.

    Let natural light inside your rooms
    Let natural light inside your rooms
  8. Link additional spaces by using the same colours; this expands the space.
  9. While building book shelves and storage units, consider building them from floor to ceiling on a dead wall. This expands the space by pushing the walls and ceilings out.

Window seats and bookcases with enclosed seating are good solutions for hiding clutter and expanding the space.

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Bringing the outdoors inside

Image courtesy of  winnond at FreeDigitalPhotos.netHuman bodies were not designed to spend long hours saddled to work desks or to lounge sofas watching TV. In fact, strange manic depressive behaviour is often reported from people who fall in this category. The body needs to be in sync with nature and needs to have a sense of what is happening outdoors, such that the mind and body can function well.

While designing our homes and work places, we need to bring in the outdoors inside. Irrespective of whether we live in apartments or houses, a few basic things to remember always come in handy.

1. Large windows: Large windows are always helpful in seamlessly merging the outdoors with the inside. Issues related to excessive sunlight or the passage of heat/cold through such windows can always be tackled with the appropriate insulation medium and design. Consider large window openings and they will make the house feel larger.
2. Balcony seating: If you have a balcony, put some chairs and a table there. When the weather is good, spend time in this space for reading a book, chatting up or even for a meal. Your body will do well with the intake of fresh air.
3. Window-side seating: Seating near window openings allows you to ‘feel’ the outside, at all times. Do not block your windows with heavy furniture; put some light furniture instead.Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at
4. Use of plants: Plants kept inside the house help in raising oxygen levels in our blood stream. If you find the upkeep of such plants difficult, consider putting up some plants in your balcony or sit-out. The sub-conscious, feel good factor of being surrounded by nature, is high.
5. Cross ventilation: Allow the outside air to circulate through your house; keep multiple windows open when possible and rid the house of the stale air.