So what is Jaluk, really?

HandsJaluk is a collaboration platform for those who love interior design, of homes and of offices. It focuses on featuring very high quality ideas and products, through a DIY mode. Currently curating the best of ideas and products, online tools to integrate the entire supply chain of products, suppliers and service providers will be launched to bring about much needed transparency and openness in the industry. What you see is the “tip of the iceberg” as we plan ahead.


  • Designers: You could be an Architect or an Interior Designer. Upload your project experiences with pictures. Get new clients. If you design products which make life easy, you can have them featured and even sold online.
  • Home owners: Maybe you had your home designed recently. Upload your pictures and show off. Share your experiences.Join Free
  • Office owners/managers:  Share your experiences and let others learn.
  • Photographers: If you do interior photography, let others see the projects you have clicked.
  • Lovers of design: If you love interior design, share your pictures and experiences.


  • Get Ideas: You can view pictures that others have shared and also learn about their experiences, and gain from that.
  • Share your pictures: You can upload your pictures with a short description. Professionals can get clients.
  • Take part in discussion: If you need help with a project or have a question, or wish to share something instantly, start a discussion and get answers from others.
  • Sell products: Products which are unique and promise to make life easy or better, can be sold at


Although pictures are viewable for all for now, a membership has advantages:

  • Connect with others: You can connect with other members. You can collaborate on projects or even get clients if you are a professional.Join Free
  • Start a discussion: If you have a question to ask or an opinion to express, you can do so and get quick responses from other members.
  • Share your pictures: You can share your pictures and experiences.


You can upload and talk about your own experiences with high quality images.  You can upload the following with short descriptions:

  • Project pictures: a collection of pictures from a recent project
  • Idea pictures: pictures of a brilliant idea in interior design that you think the world needs to knowuPLOADING GUIDELINES


If you wish to sell your products online with us, please write to us at

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