Journey from an employee to an entrepreneur

Belmun is a blend of finesse, style and determination. It prides itself on delivering products of high quality, utility and design. The philosophy behind the brand and its products is to bridge the void of having upscale style at affordable prices in the home / office decor products and accessories space. Most of their products such as Tissue Boxes, Dry Bins, Place Mats, Photo Frames, Coasters, Magazine Holders, Cushion Covers, Remote Holders and Cutlery Holders etc. are manufactured in leather, faux leather and superior quality textile.

The idea of Belmun was born out of the need to add value to a tangible product while not being dependant on third parties for supply. When exploring ideas of how to add value and to which products it became clear that creativity had to be one of the main pillars in the endeavor to bring quality and style back to ‘made in India’ products. This is the goal that brought Mr.Ravi Belani and Varun Mundra together for work.

After a meager starting point of only 10 Tissue Boxes, thanks to Ravi’s hard work, experience and dedication Belmun’s products began to take shape and gain appreciation. Ravi beginning as a one man show from sourcing raw material, finding the right artisans, understanding markets and providing design input, as work increased, provided a platform for Varun to move on from a corporate job in the finance sector to do something he had never even dreamt of doing.

Both Ravi and Varun have absolutely no training in making home decor articles, their passion for quality and class has led them in the direction to making upscale products, with unique designs that ooze class.

Their main clients are major high end stores across India while at the same time they take up requirements for customization as well.

At Belmun their mantras are simple – work done with thorough professionalism and integrity will bear fruit & quality never goes out of style.

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