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Five Top tips for ensuring your guest’s comfort

When you have someone coming to stay with you, it can often be a rush to put together somewhere for them to live and sleep during their visit. By having the perfect guest room already set up, you won’t have to worry! Read on to discover five top tips for ensuring your guest’s comfort. Choose your color palette wisely. While you may love neon prints and crazy colors, it may give your guest a headache. You may not be familiar with their tastes so use…

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Using an accent colour in a bedroom

Image courtesy of  MR LIGHTMAN at FreeDigitalPhotos.netThe bedroom is our sanctuary at home and we spend a majority of our time at home  here. The design of the bedroom reflects the personality of its occupants. Whilst there are numerous schools of thoughts and numerous ways of designing a bedroom ideal for our individual needs, the use of colour needs careful thought.

Sleep is the most popular activity, amongst everything else that we do in our bedrooms. The importance of a “good night’s sleep” has been much spoken and written about. So the colours in a bedroom need to bring about a sense of restfulness in us. Having said that, it is advisable not to have too many different colours in our bedrooms. This is often jarring for the brain.

Depending on the theme of your bedroom, go with one accent colour or a family of colours. Here is what accent colours do:Image courtesy of Phiseksit at FreeDigitalPhotos.net
1. Accent colours help to accentuate the bedroom theme
2. An accent colour can help highlight certain aspects or areas of the bedroom
3. Using one colour makes it easy for you to change it, should you wish to repaint or refurbish your bedroom.