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Video 3

The Bed is Dead!

In continuance of our post from last Monday about space saving furniture, you almost feel that the term itself is a misnomer. Video 4Space saving furniture? Watch this video; we think it is more about ‘rethinking spaces’. Spaces which are traditionally ‘meant for’ certain functions can now be optimized to serve multiple functions, just by designing the furniture smartly. You will be amazed how one can double or treble the space.

The Bed is Dead

The bed is dead indeed! You use it to sleep at night only; why not utilise that space during the day to work?


5 things every man should know about interior design

While most clients understand that Interior Designers design spaces, in my several years of practice, I often end up discussing a few little things with clients repeatedly. I thought of listing five common ones from a long list….these are mainly from discussions with men.

Everything does not have a utility value: Men, used to playing with their electronic toys, feel that “everything that I pay for, must have some use”. Well, that in itself is a brilliant thought; but in interior design, some things are just for show. Everything is not a toy!

Mix and match is fine: Designer Suzanne Kazler once said, “A room should feel collected… not decorated.” So combining things from different times and places is fine; like a modern transparent chair with an antique sofa. You don’t really want your personal space looking like an Ikea showroom, do you?

Authentic art is art: X-men printouts are not art! A visit to a school Artworkof art or a local gallery is often a good starting point, where good art can often be picked up at very reasonable prices. Authenticity is often seen as a sign of adulthood.

Green is more than a colour: A little bit of greenery almost always brightens up the space and breaks monotony. You don’t need to be a botanist to do this…one can rarely go wrong here. A little fig, or a bonsai or a mini bamboo can easily be found in most neighbourhoods and often easy to maintain.

Invest in your sofa: At the end of the week, the alpha male often likes a good slouch on the sofa. Invest in a good sofa and please prioritize function over form. A back-ache from a bad sofa in front of a TV can be a killer. If your sofa is comfortable, you will see people around you in a new light!

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Working from bedroom

A friend’s wife recently did the oft repeated act of throwing out his smartphone because he was regularly checking emails in bed. The inability to escape from work related communication anywhere is a reality we have to face up to. To save ourselves from our man’s plight we can do well to organise ourselves and our time better.

Recent times have seen an increasing demand for designing bedrooms which allow one to stay connected with work. A few top-of-the-mind tips for making a work friendly bedroom:
1. Have a desk: Put in a small desk for a laptop, with easy access to power sockets, telephone and data cabling.
2. Get Wi-Fi: Make the bedroom wifi friendly so that you can connect multiple devices and also save on cellular data charges. If you do not get a good quality signal, put in a wifi repeater on a regular power socket.
3. Good lighting: Conventional work requires higher lux levels than what is usually provided for in a bedroom. Put some task lighting on the desk where you plan to work from.
4. Remove glare: Remove glare from the bedroom as much as possible as this can be disturbing, especially when you need to do something which requires focus and concentration. Thick curtains and anti glare surfaces are recommended. Image courtesy of all-free-download.com
5. Ergonomic seating: Invest in an ergonomic chair with lumbar support for the work desk. Do not even think about using a conventional ‘nice looking’ bedroom chair or a sofa, especially if you are working long hours.

A word of advice: While the above are handy on a day when you cannot make it to the workplace, try not to utilise the benefits of these when it’s time to go to bed!