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Eating in the kitchen

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A breakfast table doubles up as a work table as well

“Eating in the kitchen” is something we have to deal with in small apartments as well as in large houses. Small apartments have the challenge of space, and it may be smart to snuggle in a small table within the kitchen for a quick meal. In large apartments or houses, a table in the relatively larger kitchen will save time walking to another space where the dining are is, especially during rush hours like breakfast. There are a few clear advantages of such a table.

1. A small table, with four seats or stools has the added advantage of doubling up as a secondary preparation table in the kitchen.
2. Often when guests are invited for a home cooked meal, the hosts may have to spend time in the kitchen. During such times the costs could invite the guests in to the kitchen, and they could sit there and keep on conversing.
3. Many find it convenient to put down a laptop on the kitchen table and check emails with a cup of coffee or soup. Image courtesy of all-free-download.com
4. Mothers can supervise their children’s assignments while cooking by making them work on the kitchen table; or generally keep them busy with some activity, surely a better way then making them watch TV.

Such a table can even be foldable and be pulled down from the wall, thereby freeing up space, especially in small kitchens.

Bon appetite!