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Traditional Meets Contemporary

Look at this very common living area which is generally found in all Indian houses. The large hall area is divided into a sitting area and a family room. The interior is contemporary in style with a traditional fusion. The furniture is contemporary in design and made of wood. The colours of the wooden planks on the ceiling, the traditional 2-layer curtains and the textured wall are in harmony, and adds a very traditional touch to the room decor. For the white, one can have many options of choosing from various paintings and wall hangings.Contemporary-Indian-Living-Room-Design1

By placing a single ‘Tanjore painting’ on the white wall, the beauty of the room is enhanced. Though this Tanjore painting is traditional, yet it easily merges with the contemporary interior style. The room is filled with the royalty and richness of Indian heritage. In this painting, Shiva–Parvati seated on Nandi are beautifully depicted.

Tanjore painting, a truly Indian Heritage !! It originates in Tanjavoor in South India and has a unique style. These paintings are known for their surface richness, vivid colours, compact composition and breathtaking beauty. It comes in three finishes- normal, antique and embossed. The paintings are decorated by a gilded and gem-set technique, a technique where 22 ct gold leaves & sparkling Tanjore stones are used to highlight certain aspects of the painting like ornaments, dresses, etc. This South Indian style painting is very much alive with its details & colouring. The right use of gold foils, striking colours and a very powerful story makes this artistic marvel a must have.