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Five Top tips for ensuring your guest’s comfort

When you have someone coming to stay with you, it can often be a rush to put together somewhere for them to live and sleep during their visit. By having the perfect guest room already set up, you won’t have to worry! Read on to discover five top tips for ensuring your guest’s comfort. Choose your color palette wisely. While you may love neon prints and crazy colors, it may give your guest a headache. You may not be familiar with their tastes so use…

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Flower pots bring a house alive

DSC_0008In the projects that I do, I always insist on my clients allocating a small budget for flower pots. It is often not spoken about much, but often clients are astonished to see how; suddenly with the addition of flower pots a house suddenly comes alive. The difference is best seen when a house is newly built…at that stage, there isn’t much ‘life’ in it…and the simple addition of a few flower pots give it the much needed bounce.

Moreover if you choose your plants carefully and place a few plants DSC_0025DSC_0010inside the house, the quality of air improves in the house….leading to a healthier life.

These are some pictures from a recent project…imagine the house without the plants.


Image courtesy of www.copyright-free-images.com

Using natural products for decor

Image courtesy of foto76 at FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Privacy curtain made out of sea-shells

Apart from all the decor alternatives offered by retailers, nature has a bounty of colours, materials and shapes which, if used creatively, can give character to a space. One very popular and never-out-of-fashion item is sea-shells. They can be used across a home to lend an earthy and cool feel : be it as space separators (with the help of shell curtains) or made into wall hangings or picture frames. Alternatively simply keeping a bowl of an assorted collection of sea shells on the living room centre table can be a conversation starter. Stones can be similarly used.

Pulses and grains of various colours can be used creatively too. The best part of most natural items is that they are mostly perishable and gives you a good reason to change the decor often and keep a space looking fresh and interesting.

Image courtesy of www.copyright-free-images.com
Red chillies on the wall

Besides the usual greens in pots and plants which are used indoors, a bunch of fresh flowers or even fresh fruits and vegetable can be effective as decor.