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Five Top tips for ensuring your guest’s comfort

When you have someone coming to stay with you, it can often be a rush to put together somewhere for them to live and sleep during their visit. By having the perfect guest room already set up, you won’t have to worry! Read on to discover five top tips for ensuring your guest’s comfort. Choose your color palette wisely. While you may love neon prints and crazy colors, it may give your guest a headache. You may not be familiar with their tastes so use…

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Journey from an employee to an entrepreneur

Belmun is a blend of finesse, style and determination. It prides itself on delivering products of high quality, utility and design. The philosophy behind the brand and its products is to bridge the void of having upscale style at affordable prices in the home / office decor products and accessories space. Most of their products such as Tissue Boxes, Dry Bins, Place Mats, Photo Frames, Coasters, Magazine Holders, Cushion Covers, Remote Holders and Cutlery Holders etc. are manufactured in leather, faux leather and superior quality…

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Ashmi Waghela: Sky is the Limit

“A painter yes but a color consultant?” one queries warily. Ashmi Waghela by profession an Interior designer, color consultant and decor stylist, says her art and paintings are not just for visual delight, mental pleasure or even thought but designed to heal, to induce calm and develop positive vibes. Art being Ashmi’s passion since childhood she has realized that any painting may bring joy, perhaps sorrow or at least simple, indifferent observation. Her work is designed specifically to not only appeal physically or emotionally but…

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