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Conference Room

Multiple use of rooms in a changing world

Conference RoomThe ‘formal’ atmosphere is the workplaces of many organisations is fast disappearing paving the way for a more casual, yet “I mean business” look. At the same time, organisations have become much more prudent with their fit-out spends. When I design workplaces for modern multinationals, I am often challenged on these counts.

This picture of a recent project attempts to show how a conference room enables multi-tasking in a multi-seating format. If you want to have a formal meeting, you can use the table. If you want to ‘discuss things over a coffee’ the sofa-setting is a good option.

Of course this takes more space than a smaller room, and two sets of meetings are difficult. But the point is that such places are used only once in a while and with smart electrical and HVAC design, much can be saved by switching off lights and air-conditioning when not required.