The Wooden Rustic Trunk Box and its place in home decor

We all like to have very beautiful and elegant interior decor in our home; especially in the living area. We also want to make sure that the decor looks clean, tidy and beautiful all the time. When you have kids around, and their stuff lying everywhere in the house, it becomes a seemingly impossible task. And suddenly a guest may pop in, unannounced, getting us into an embarrassing situation. We do not like the guests to see toys, newspapers, magazines just lying around, on the floor, especially in the living room. All of us must have come across this situation many a times.

Now there is an end to this embracing situation as a host of the house. The Heritance Team has come out with a solution for this problem. This rectangular Wood Trunk Box has a luxurious space to store your wares and fits nicely into smaller rooms.

• This Rustic Table Storage Trunk Chest brightens your room and gives your décor a very relaxed look. You can also place a vase, or an artifact on it. This box itself can be an artifact.Rustic-country-copy

• Regardless of the personal tastes of an individual, you can find a perfect COFFEE TABLE in this wooden trunk box.

• Living Room is the room where all guests gather. Expand your storage and make it more attractive and elegant with a box like this. You can use it to keep the necessary living rooms items like old newspapers, Magazines/Books, etc in an ORGANISED way.

• On the arrival of the surprised guests, you can also use it as a last minute STORAGE PLACE to dump the toys, news papers, magazines, etc.

• Most important, this multi-purpose Rustic look trunk box can go with MODERN / CONTEMPORARY interior style.