Meet Sejal Mody, the creator of this beautiful piece of art.

Sejal Mody: In search of freedom through Art

Colours express emotion; textures express intention and composition expresses narration. This is true for most art, but unique to each artist.

Born and raised in Mumbai, Sejal Mody exhibited a keen interest and talent in the arts. She studied fine arts at Sir J.J. School of Arts, Mumbai collecting a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Unhappy with the one-dimension world of paintings, she decided to trail ceramics. Realising that a mere certificate course in pottery would not take her far, she went all the way to the famed Andretta Pottery & Crafts Society at Kangra in Himachal Pradesh to pursue her dreams.

Sejal says, “Painting is a continuous process. Even when I don’t have my material with me, I keep doing it in my mind most of the time. Whenever I see something that inspires me, it gets registered in my mind in the form of an image.”  Sejal’s abstract expressions evolve from the wheel; bursting into scintillating colours, shapes and sizes and ultimately reaching the wall as a framed piece of art. Her multifaceted virtuosity include several mediums such as glass painting, wood etching, acrylic and oil paintings, ceramics, dyeing, sketching, photography, graphic art.

Sejal exhibited a keen interest and talent in the artsThe thing that strikes her the most is colour. Painting is a very subtle medium and it speaks of the most subtle phases of our responses. She responds most spontaneously to colour. The images that she perceives in her mind consist mostly of colour rather than form.

Sejal takes care of each material used in her work. Like in the wooden frames used to install plates, she selects the wood by visiting timber yards spread all over the city.

The colour of the frame and the size is all planned and the carpenters are given instruction; the entire process supervised in her own studio.

In the past, she has been awarded the 3rd place in “Painting of the Month” by The Trinity Arts Guild, Texas, USA. She has been invited to participate in the “Monsoon Art Show” sponsored and held at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai.  Sejal has also exhibited her works at Trinity Arts Guild, Texas, USA.

“Towards freedom is the direction that my work takes. The art work comes straight through a free mind!” signs off Sejal, already lost in her world of her next creation.

One can buy Sejal’s abstract ceramic creations exclusively here.

Meet Amina Makwana, the person behind this beautiful product.

It’s all about meeting people : Amina, from being a housewife to a successful businesswoman

Entrepreneurship is great for so many reasons. From having more flexible work hours to being your own boss and everything in between, it’s no wonder more and more people are starting their own businesses, especially women.

Amina Makwana, a loving housewife is now a successful business woman. A thought and a need to be occupied after the daily chores, encouraged Amina to think about a small scale business engagement in a field of her liking. But running a business, no matter how big or how small, is not easy.

Amina Makwana in her family avatar
Amina Makwana in her family avatar

Amina learned much from her initial days of setting up her network of dealers who supply 3D and 4D bedsheets, which has now become her mainstay. Throughout her journey, Amina kept notes of her learnings. Here are some notable points she would like to share with other women who are looking for entrepreneurial opportunities in India.

1. Get social… media!!  Social media presence is important to a business’s marketing strategy, be it Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter or even Pinterest, social media has proven to be a good conduit for effective business results, including sales leads, third-party endorsements and purchases.

“Quite simply, social media must be viewed as a forum for interacting with customers and conducting day-to-day business,” she adds.

2. Let your home life inspire you. “Regardless of whether they own a business, many women already hold the title of CEO … of the household,” she says. “Managing the needs of a household, including children, spouse, multiple schedules, school obligations, extracurricular activities, etc., is definitely akin to running a small business.”

Many women entrepreneurs have the responsibility of taking care of their homes and their kids, too, but instead of letting it stress them out, take inspiration from their home responsibilities.

3. Use your networks. Being a small business owner is stressful, so use your network to form a reliable support system.

“Joining industry groups is a good way to create a personal network of support,” she said.

4. Learn to delegate. As an entrepreneur, it is easy to take on all of the responsibilities required to run your business — though it’s not easy to manage them all.

“As a small business owner, it is important to flex to the demands of your work. This will help lighten your load and offset some of the work and concerns that keep you up at night.

5. Never stop searching. Do not rely only on your existing network and resources. Search for more people and more groups to expand your network.

“Knowing where to look for leads can make all the difference,” she said. In the end, she noted, it’s all about meeting people who will help you win new business or find prospective clients.

You can buy Amina’s products here.

Shown below are some of Amina’s products.


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