White 1

White is the new black

A black dress in a party is said to cover all manners of sins. Today in interior design, white enjoys a similar stature. White is the new black; it makes spaces appear larger and brighter. So says my clients. Moreover it represents simplicity and renewal.
White 3Adding white is not such a difficult task as it seems. One can try these two simple methods to bring in the crisp look to an existing room:
Accessorize with new curtains: Replace your dark curtains with white, airy ones that instantly open up the space and make the space look larger. Similarly, if it is a workplace, install white blinds and see the how the space looks bigger and brighter.White 2
White walls: Make your walls white, and see how big the space looks. You can even intersperse white with mirrors to make the space bigger if it is narrow. Do not think in paint alone as there are wallpapers to consider also.