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Kshititi Nagarkar, Architect for the Healthcare Sector

Ms. Kshititi Nagarkar, an Architect in the pursuit of creating healing spaces, works along with her team to create aesthetic, sustainable and affordable facilities that help her doctor clients improve their practice and the well-being of their patients. An Architect from Sir JJ College of Architecture, Mumbai, Kshititi is among the very few Healthcare trained Architects in the country and has a rich experience of over 15 years in this field. A Masters of Architecture program at JJ took her to varied institutes of Healthcare…

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Deepak Patil


“Mujhe kuch ECG karwana hain” Deepak muttered, without understanding what an ECG was.

The others around him stopped what they were doing and stared blankly at him.

“Kya hua?” Deepak asked, this time smiling nervously.

Luckily it turned out to be a false alarm and Deepak’s heart is in perfectly good condition. The doctor told him that he was experiencing pain near his chest mainly because of ‘gas’, and asked him to take regular walks and avoid spicy food. He had not realized it himself, but Deepak’s level of physical activity had gone down drastically over the last few months.


Flashback to 2003. As a carefree lanky 18 year old Deepak had found employment in a contracting firm as a peon, near his home in Jogeshwari. The second son of a Maharastrian father and Gujarati mother, Deepak has always has had an eye for detail and a sense of closure for everything that he does. He was diligent and always very good at completing tasks. He did very well in his job, and as he was very trustworthy, his employer, an honest man himself, entrusted him with matter which required diligence. Over the years, Deepak took the initiative and taught himself design programs on an office computer, supervised construction sites and was also seen as the most trustworthy person in the office, especially when it came to money matters.


Deepak has always had a creative side to him and during times when the work pressure from projects were low, Deepak would spend time experimenting with DIY decor products.  In his experimentation, he found a calling in candles; something that he first picked up online and later perfected on his own.  Deepak turned to candle making in his spare time and on weekends, and supplemented his income.  Now, making both ends meet has a rather different meaning for Deepak.

A set of green polka dotted candles
A set of green polka dotted candles

“Log candle khareedte hain, par jalate nahin.”

That is when we realized that he makes such unique and beautiful candles, that people buy them and just keep them in their showcases. The two ends of the candle does not meet! When buyers do not light the candles, Deepak does not get repeat orders.

Have a look at some of Deepak’s candles here.

Deepak has always had an eye for detail and an inclination towards the fine arts. If his father had the money when he was growing up, he would have become an Architect or an Artist. Unfortunately his

Love candles
Love candles

father passed away when he was young, and Deepak along with his brother had to give up schooling and take responsibility of running the house. While being employed at the contracting firm, he would experiment with little crafts once in a while, and his creations would often become Diwali gifts given by the firm to its clients. To encourage him to pursue his hobbies, Deepak, during one Diwali, was gifted a complete candle making kit by his employer’s wife. He is now using this kit to churn out one beauty after other.

So when we asked him where does he get the ideas from, he quickly responds:

“Kuch kuch idea YouTube main mil jata hai, par main usko change kar dalta hoon, apne style main.”

The Cherry candles
The Cherry candles

Word of mouth has helped, and so has WatsApp. He takes pictures of his candles, sends them through WatsApp to his earlier colleagues in the firm, who mostly through their network and their wives’ network pass it on. The number of orders are slowly increasing day by day, but his challenge is in getting people to burn the candles.

BUY Deepak’s candles here.


So when we met him, Deepak asked us:

“Design wala candle banana bandh karoon kya?”

His concern has been that if his candles look good, people like to keep them and not light them; so he does not get repeat orders. We asked him to continue. On the candle buyer’s side we realised that there are quite a lot of people who loved to light candles, but do not know where they would get good candles. So we embarked on a mission to help Deepak’s candle reach out to the masses through our online platform. We got his candles photographed, helped with a bit of branding and have put them up for sale online. You can view his latest creations at .

You can even order online now and have them home delivered.


In line with his eye for detail, Deepak also does beautiful and special

A special gel candle with beads and bells for Christmas
A special gel candle with beads and bells for Christmas

gift wrapping for candles. He says he can do bulk as well. He has come up with a few pieces especially for Christmas and promises to come up with something special for every festival.