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A conversation friendly Living Room

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Not conversation friendly

Living rooms were meant for relaxing and socialising for family members as well as with guests. The internet is awash with incidents of people checking their phones every five minutes for their fix of social media when visiting friends. There are also stories of wives throwing away their husbands’ smartphone out of the bedroom window for bringing work to bed. It is thus important to maintain the sanctity of the living room as a place to meet in person and converse. How do we make a conversation friendly living room? Here are three tips of the day:

1. Keep the television away: The television is a conversation killer and should be kept away from the living room. If it is not possible, at least do not house it in the main seating area.

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Conversation friendly

2. Face to face seating: Set up furniture in a manner such that face to face conversations can take place. Otherwise keep some light chairs, which can be pulled in to face heavier sofas, to form a round-ish seating pattern. Do not line them up along a wall, especially when the guests arrive.

3. Get a centre table: A centre table with sofas around it, binds people together and engages them in conversations over a coffee or a beer.