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Workplaces and natural light

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A boardroom

Flooding workplaces with natural light has two primary benefits:

1. Power costs savings: Tremendous savings in the monthly power bill is seen, especially in regions and during seasons which sees a lot of sunlight.
2. Staff feels better: This is not often spoken about, but scientifically it has been shown that the body and mind works better if it is in sync with the time of the day.

Different strategies can be adopted to get natural light inside the workplace, a few popular ones being:
a) Large windows with retractable blinds/curtains: Blinds and curtains should be adjustable to allow the right amount of light in.
b) Light reflectors: Reflectors in sequen16 Image courtesy of  all-free-download.comce, often placed near the ceiling, can help get natural light in to zones far from the building perimeter.
c) Lighter colours: Using lighter colours inside the workplace, allows light to bounce off easily and spread across a larger area.


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