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A white themed bathroom

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Bathrooms come in all colours, and most designers use colours to bring in a sense of excitement, in a space meant for dull, routine jobs. A white bathroom may be seen by some as lack of imagination or too clinical. Whereas a property developer may use easily available white tiles to save on cost, a white themed bathroom is not necessarily a boring one.

Style factor: The style factor of a white themed bathroom is no less, especially when a bit of black or grey is used. It is contemporary and yet stands the test of time.

Flexibility: A white themed bathroom lends itself to house accessories of most other colour combinations, whereas the same cannot be said about a bathroom with strong colours.
Image courtesy of MR LIGHTMAN at

Bigger: Bathrooms are small places and the use of white colour makes the space look bigger.

Cleaner: When the upkeep is good, a white themed bathroom usually looks cleaner than multi-coloured cousins.

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