Charming DIY using old cutlery

Cutlery is part and parcel of our daily lives and used in preparing, serving and eating food. The most commonly used items are the knife, fork and spoon.
Let us look at some Do It Yourself (“DIY”) utility out of these regular items. Say old forks and spoons; which can be bent and reshaped to be reused as a total new product.

Here are three different ideas :
1.Hang on Hook: Get your stainless steel spoons and fork. Flatten one side of1430426716-spoon-hanging-planters-de
the spoon and clamp the other side to a rolling pin. Slowly keep turning the spoon around this until you get a required curve. This could be screwed to a pallet board or even nailed to the back wall near you garden or balcony to hang planters.

2.Key chain : Saw off the head of a spoon or a fork. Now bend the sawed end halfway inwards making it a circle. Slide a key ring in this half circle. Now close this circle into a loop. Slide in your keys into the rings.

gallery-1430426175-vintage-fork-placecard-holder3.Name holders: Bend the forks below the head using pliers. The base of this fork should be flattened to stand on its own. Now pull the two centre of the tongs a little behind to stick the name tags with its support.


The excellence of a gift lies in its appropriateness rather than in its value

Success stories does not always have to be stories of struggle & hardships; sometimes it is just the passion, encouragement and hard work that prove inspirational in carving out your journey to success.


That’s the reaction of every design student, but in this chaos most simply complete their project, without thinking much beyond it, especially when it comes to the project’s relation to a career path ahead.

Supriya Damani’s project submission in college for the topic ‘Entrepreneurship-designing and marketing a product’ won the hearts of her professors and students alike. She took the cue and tried her hand at turning college project outputs into items which can be sold in the market. Starting with the candles that look good for gifting, she started putting up small stalls in exhibitions and also ventured into corporate gifting. Friends and family loved the beauty in her products. With keeping in mind the manifestation of regional art, ethnic craft and strong focus on balancing tradition, style and beauty she designed her first range of products. Fresh out of college, she called het growing business ‘Taam Jhaam’.

‘The excellence of a gift lies in its appropriateness rather than in its value’, says Supriya when quizzed what inspires her.

Using raw materials like MDF Board, Ceramic and giving it the beauty with foil painting, she has created various home décor items like bottle tissue holder, door hangings, baskets & boxes, trays and platters.

Supriya keeps experimenting, and while she runs her boutique enterprise happily, she hopes to hopes to have her own store soon.

Meet Sapna Mansukhani, who has designed this beautiful product.

Woman – A change agent!

A woman’s idea, power of creation and belief that motivates her to achieve her own individuality in this world makes her a change-agent. Sapna Mansukhani was working with a large corporation in a comfortable position, far removed from the world of home décor and design. Around 2008 when Sapna Mansukhani happened to see a tray with brocade inlay, at a cousin’s house. She loved the design and wanted to make a similar one. Once she was back home she started work on it, personalize it by adding a certain fabric and other design elements. When her cousin saw her design, she requested Sapna to make few pieces for her to be given away as Diwali gifts. The Diwali gifts were highly appreciated, and request began to come in for the brocade inlay tray with coasters. Such encouragement led to more ideas and Sapna decided to take her ideas and products further. By now she had realized that her passion lay in home décor, rather than corporate boardrooms.

Sapna with her creations at an exhibition
Sapna with her creations at an exhibition

Sapna quit her rather cushy job and started out on her own, calling her business, ‘Dream Creations’. Sapna received offers to take part in exhibitions and this propelled her to design a wide range of home décor items. Trays, coasters, cutlery boxes, tissue boxes, mural art, mirror with designer frame work, platters, photo frames, key holders, wall clocks, paper stands and a lot more began to fly off the shelves in no time. Sapna’s business has spread through word of mouth and she now supplies her products to home décor stores. She also takes up wedding orders and corporate orders during festival season. “A woman is powerful and full of often-untapped potential. Within every woman lies the power of creation. So think bigger, stay determined and turn around to achieve success.” says Sapna.

One can buy Sapna’s products exclusively here.